pywincffi.user32 package


pywincffi.user32.synchronization module


This module contains general functions for synchronizing objects and events. The functions provided in this module are parts of the user32 library.

pywincffi.user32.synchronization.MsgWaitForMultipleObjects(pHandles, bWaitAll, dwMilliseconds, dwWakeMask, nCount=None)[source]

Waits until one or all of the specified objects are in a singled state or the timeout elapses.

  • pHandles (list) – A list or tuple of pywincffi.wintypes.HANDLE to wait on. See Microsoft’s documentation for more information about the contents of this argument.
  • bWaitAll (bool) – If True then this function will return when the states of all objects in pHandles are signaled.
  • dwMilliseconds (int) – The timeout interval in milliseconds.
  • dwWakeMask (int) – The input types for which an input event object handle will be added to the array of handles. See Microsoft’s documentation for more detailed information.
  • nCount (int) – The number of object handles in pHandles. By default this will be determined by checking the length of the input to pHandles.

WindowsAPIError – Raised if the underlying Windows function returns WAIT_FAILED.

Return type:



Returns the value of the event which caused the function to return. See Microsoft’s documentation for full details on what this could be.

Module contents

User32 Sub-Package

Provides functions, constants and utilities that wrap functions provided by user32.dll.