This document contains information on pywincff’s release history. Later versions are shown first.




Notable enhancements and changes are:


Notable enhancements and changes are:

  • Addition of pywincffi.kernel32.process.CreateProcess(), pywincffi.kernel32.overlapped.GetOverlappedResult() and several structures. Implemented for #69.
  • Reworked the test setup steps so they’re more consistent.
  • Added a cleanup step to the tests to track down cases that were not resetting or testing the Windows API error code.
  • Cleaned up the setUp step in the base test case.
  • Added error constant ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE.
  • pywincffi.kernel32.pid_exists() will no longer result in the Windows API error code being set to a non-zero value after exiting the function.
  • General code cleanup in a few of the core modules.
  • Removed an installation dependency: enum34


Notable enhancements and changes are:

  • #81 - pywincffi.user32.synchronization.WSAEventSelect() and pywincffi.user32.synchronization.WSAEnumNetworkEvents()
  • Removal of the pywincffi.core.config module in #107. The module was mostly unused internally and was not being used as part of the public APIs either.
  • Improvements to the pywincffi.core.dist module in #106. This change allows pywincffi to add constants, functions, etc to the loaded library when pywincffi.core.dist.load() is called. Before certain constants, such as ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE, had to be imported from other modules rather than used directly from the library object.


Notable enhancements and changes are:


This release contains several enhancements, bug fixes and other changes. You can see all of the major issues by viewing the milestone on GitHub:

Notable enhancements and changes are:

  • Improved error handling which brings more consistent error messages with better information.
  • Several new Windows API function implementations including FlushFileBuffers, CreateFile, LockFileEx, UnlockFileEx, MoveFileEx, GetProcessId, and GetCurrentProcess.
  • New wrapper function pid_exists().
  • Refactored kernel32 module structure.
  • Several bug fixes to existing tests and functions.
  • Updated developer documentation to better cover code reviews, style, functions, etc.
  • Fixed broken urls in PyCharm Remote Interpreter section of vagrant documentation for developers.
  • Added pywincffi.kernel32.handle.GetHandleInformation() and pywincffi.kernel32.handle.SetHandleInformation() in #66 - Thanks exvito!


Contains a fix to ensure that the proper version of cffi is installed. See for more detailed information. This release also includes a fix to the internal release tool.


The first public release of pywincffi. The GitHub release contains the full list of issues, changes and pull requests. The primary purpose of this release was to end up with the tools and code necessary to begin integrating pywincffi into Twisted.


This was an internal test release. No data was published to PyPi or GitHub.