pywincffi.ws2_32 package

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A module containing Windows functions for working with events.[source]

Creates a new event object.

Return type:pywincffi.wintypes.objects.WSAEVENT
Returns:Returns a handle to a new event object., hEventObject=None)[source]

Discovers occurrences of network events on the indicated socket, clears internal events and optionally resets event objects.

Return type:


Returns:, hEventObject, lNetworkEvents)[source]

Specifies an event object to be associated with the specified set of FD_XXX network events.

  • socket (pywincffi.wintypes.objects.SOCKET) – The socket object to associate the selected network events with.
  • hEventObject (pywincffi.wintypes.objects.WSAEVENT) – A handle which identifies the event object to be associated with the network events.
  • lNetworkEvents (int) – A bitmask which specifies the combination of FD_XXX network events which the application has interest in.[source]

Returns the last error status for a windows socket operation.

Module contents

Ws2_32 Sub-Package

Provides functions, constants and utilities that wrap functions provided by ws3_32.dll.