Submodules module

Lint Utilities

Provides some help to pylint so static analysis can be made aware of some constants and functions that we define in headers.[source]

Returns a set of constants in the given file path[source]

Returns a set of functions defined in the given file path[source]

An entrypoint that pylint uses to search for and register plugins with the given linter, constants=None, functions=None)[source]

Transforms class objects from pylint so they’re aware of extra attributes that are not present when being statically analyzed. module module

Test Utility

This module is used by the unittests.



A base class for all test cases. By default the core test case just provides some extra functionality.

SetLastError(value=0, lib=None)[source]

Calls the Windows API function SetLastError()


Creates a Python process that run command

classmethod internet_connected()[source]

Returns True if there appears to be internet access by attempting to connect to a few different domains. The first answer will be cached.


Returns a random string as long as length. The first character will always be a letter. All other characters will be A-F, A-F or 0-9.


Module contents

Development Sub-Package

This package is used for development, testing and release purposes. It does not contain core functionality of pywincffi and is unused by pywincffi.core, pywincffi.kernel32 and other similar modules.